Urbandale: "A Rich Heritage"


Urbandale SDA church came into existence when a small group met in a public school building which was behind the former church on 48 North Hinman Avenue. This building was purchased in 1911 by the members and for several years served for both church and school.

After the Battle Creek Tabernacle burned down in 1922 the membership increased considerably.
That is when the church on Hinman Avenue was built.


Following is a list of Pastor names and the years they served the Urbandale community.




Elder Piper Edwind Byrd  Gerald Slack
Elder Post Joshua Swinyar Orville Scully
Elder Raymond Bill Brown LaRue Cook
Charles Brennan Bob Williams  


Two services were held each week to accommodate the steadily growing membership.
Plans were made for a new and larger church.

July 9, 1972 Ground breaking at 20440 Bedford Rd North

July 16, 1972 Footings were poured
Glenn Hill - Associates Pastor-Tabernacle


1974 Church Built
April 1974 the $300,000 structure was completed.
More than $50,000 in donated labor was given to the church by volunteers, members and friends.

May 4, 1974 Services were held for the first time in the new facility
May 11, 1974 Church officially opened
May 6, 1978 Church Dedication

The church dedication service took place 70 years after the church was first organized, six years after ground breaking and four years to the day, after the opening of the current structure for the first service.

1978 - 1990
Keith Burke 1978-1985 (deceased)
Jim Hoffer 1985-1990

1990's - 2000's
Ivan Blake 1990-1995
Charles Hanlon 1995-2002
Jason Seiber 2002-2006

Remodeled Sanctuary, purchased new pews, carpet and repaired the church roof
Terry Nelson 2006-2010 (deceased)
Stanley Cottrell 2010-2011

Ryan Counsell 2011-2017

May 3,  2014

40th Anniversary Celebration


Jerryn Schmidt  June 2017 -  January 2021 (transferred)

November 17, 2019 Capital Campaign Banquet

Rebuilt parking lot, November 2019

Sealed parking lot summer of 2020

2021 Phase II Bathroom remodel

***dates are to the best of the recollection and dated material



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