Greetings from your Media department!

Each of us in the media department wishes to thank you for your support.  There is much work yet to be done in Battle Creek and we pray and ask for your prayers that the Holy Spirit will use this ministry.  Did you know that the Urbandale SDA church has 5 video teams?  Each member of these teams are highly skilled being specially trained to perform their task. First, a new member must go through orientation.  Then they are trained to run the cameras, sound, and editing.  Each one of these positions is vital to the final product.

To help in this venture, an editing program was acquired. This has been a God send and has allowed us to record and produce a professional product. To this end we are committed to provide our church members a copy of the Sabbath services. These copies are usually in the front foyer on the rack. Please feel free to take one if you would like. 

We are also committed to special projects. Donations would be appreciate for supplies. Some future projects that we are praying will be produced is the Revelation series and more.   Please pray that the Lord uses these programs in a mighty way.